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    Not totally sure what you are trying to accomplish? You are upset about talking danish/swedish – and do it in english?

    We already speak better english than most american highschoolers.

    I’m hoping you get your long haired blonde woman 🙂

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    Not talking – writing! 😉

    Anyway: Complaining about the state of Danish and Swedish in English may seem self-defeating – you are free to check out my rants against the use of English elsewhere on this blog – but the point here is that the (intended) audience of the blog is non-Scandinavian speakers.

    And as I’m over 40, I – to my endless delight – qualify as a grumpy old man, which means that I can complain about anything without having to explain why. Ah – the joys of middle age…!

    I should perhaps also note that I moonlight as language-nazi over at bletret.dk.

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    Shouldn’t it be “en lang, hret kvinde” – and if the comma is there, there is no chance of confusion.

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    You assume that students know how to punctuate and put commas… 😉

    But how about this: Bardisk vs. bar disk. Which bar would you rather be visit?

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    I saw one today in one of the “traficpapers” in CPH:

    “tog st fra Federer”, something quite different than “togst fra Federer”, even though he might be better at delivering than Ansaldo.

    ps. We DO need that language-nazi@bletret.dk ^^^^^^^^ (takker).

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