Note to Car Drivers

My immediate reaction: This could only happen in Jutland.

Man dies after being hit by ten cars.

For some reason, Denmark has been hit – if you excuse the pun – by a series of hit-and-run accidents recently, but this surely must be one of the most awful accidents on Danish roads.

Cars are dangerous, trains unreliable, long-distance buses unavailable, cycling not recommended during the winter – and in any event many roads do not have bicycle-lanes.

Hmm. Getting around in Denmark in a safe manner is difficult.


  1. avatar ML

    You are right that there have been appalling many hit-and-run accidents lately. Its very weird.

    But I think this particular one is a little different. As the article says he landed across the barrier. I simply don’t think they knew it was a human body they passed. And you don’t just stop on the freeway, unless you sense it’s very bad.

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