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Denmark: The Budget Proposal Is Out

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If you are into numbers, the annual Budget Proposal of the Danish Government was published today and is available through the homepage of the Danish Ministry of Finance. Worth noting – though hardly surprising by now – is that the government is promoting the proposal under the headline Reformer og velfærd (“Reforms and welfare”).

Both the Liberals and the Conservatives emphasise improvments to public and welfare services while investments and research initiatives receive less attention.

The first comments from the Social Democrats and the Socialist Party focus on the valence issue aspect of the service issue: The Social Democrats accuse the government of manipulating the data about appropriations for public services while the Socialist Party claim that the government is trying to hide a shift in emphasis from services to the elderly to education and research.

The Socialist line of criticism incidentially mirrors recent demands from the Danish People’s Party that resources should be transferred from research to welfare services for the elderly.

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August 29th, 2006 at 3:08 pm

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