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Poll Frenzy

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The latest opinion polls have sent the Swedish media in a frenzy: It seems that the Centre-Right alliance have lost the lead over the Left more-or-less-bloc.

Here are some graphs based on TEMO’s poll barometer. First, polls from this year (but without Sifo’s latest poll which was published today):

Opinion Polls 2006

I haven’t controlled for inaccuracies or made other forms of calculations or quality controls but simply added a sliding 5-point average for the aggregate support for the left and the right. Small parties and undecided voters are excluded from the calculation. (Click on the picture to get to a higher resolution).

And here is the big picture: All major polls since 2002 with a sliding average trend line. Again the source is TEMO.

Opinion Polls October 2002 - August 2006

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August 26th, 2006 at 7:01 pm

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Smokin’ (II)

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Apple (Sony) Battery

And here it is: One of those batteries that have made the headlines in international media.

Some thoughts about the process – and just to make my position clear: It’s bad luck for Apple (and Dell) that batteries produced by Sony turned out to be faulty, perhaps even dangerous, but I do think that Apple’s information has been a little shaky:

First, Apple’s homepage collapsed as concerned users tried to log on and see if their computer was affected. That took some hours to fix.

Second, the support page gave confusing information. I could see that the battery in my laptop was affected but when I tried to enter the relevant information, the battery number (but not the computer) was rejected as out of range. I’m sure the people at Apple support have one or the other story to tell about Thursday evening.

Third, the link to the relevant information is hidden on the lower part of Apple’s frontpage. It should be more prominent, if only to show Apple-users and others that Apple does in fact take the issue very seriously indeed.

Bad information

When all of this has been said, the process of ordering a new battery went pretty smoothly when all of the SNAFUs had been cleared from the road – or the net, if you like. A new battery will arrive.


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August 26th, 2006 at 2:39 pm

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