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    Some people has been angered by the statements made by Bethel Haarder, and are labelling them as a case of “giving in”.

    And thank you for the link to Rikke Andreassen’s thesis. I haven’t had the time to read it in details, but it seems quite thorough, and the section about the sexual agressive muslim is interesting. I don’t know if the number of gang rapes comitted by males of “other ethnicity” actually has decreased, but it’s a fact that it’s no longer reported in the media.

    Personally I think that the tone of the public discourse has become “skinger” (looking for a translation of “skinger”, hmm “nasty”) for proof just listen to Dansk Folkeparti – that hurts my ears. It should also noted that the thesis was written before the recent cartoon crisis.

    BTW, when the Muslim Congregation opened their doors this Sunday, none of the politicians dared to show up!

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